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I was born at Nattukal (Chittur-Palghat),Kerala , a village close to Tamilnadu. My parents were A.N.U.Mannadi Nair and Ambat Kallyanikutty Amma. After schooling in Govt. LP School, Nattukal and St.Paul’s School , Kozhinjampara , moved to Govt. College, Chittur for the Pre-degree and BSc. Courses during 1973-1978. In 1978, I joined for the MSc degree course in the University of Cochin and obtained the Ph.D. degree from CUSAT in 1986. After a brief service at REC, Calicut, I am at CUSAT since February 1988. I got married to Prema in 1987 and my daughter Sruthi is currently a guest faculty at the School of Engineering , CUSAT after obtaining an ME degree from Coimbatore Institute of Technology (Anna university). We live near the CUSAT campus, at ‘Pranavam’, Mavelinagar, close to the famous Thrikkakkara Temple. I love music and sing in public forums occasionally.

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Popular articles for students

  • Mathematical Induction, Science Reporter, Sept. 1987, 493-494
  • Olympiads to Scout Maths Talence, Indian Express, October 20, 1991.
  • Math Puzzles on Chess Boards, Science India , August 2003.
  • A Meeting with the Missile Man – An Interview with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Honourable President of India. Science India, November 2003.
  • An Olympiad of a different kind, Educational Plus, The Hindu , March 2004.


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  • The T-property of some classes of graphs
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  • Some network topological notions of the Mycielskian of a graph (with K S Savitha) AKCE International Journal of Graphs and Combinatorics (2016)

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