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I was born at Nattukal (Chittur-Palghat),Kerala , a village close to Tamilnadu. My parents were A.N.U.Mannadi Nair and Ambat Kallyanikutty Amma. After schooling in Govt. LP School, Nattukal and St.Paula��s School , Kozhinjampara , moved to Govt. College, Chittur for the Pre-degree and BSc. Courses during 1973-1978. In 1978, I joined for the MSc degree course in the University of Cochin and obtained the Ph.D. degree from CUSAT in 1986. After a brief service at REC, Calicut, I am at CUSAT since February 1988. I got married to Prema in 1987 and my daughter Sruthi is currently a guest faculty at the School of Engineering , CUSAT after obtaining an ME degree from Coimbatore Institute of Technology (Anna university). We live near the CUSAT campus, at a�?Pranavama��, Mavelinagar, close to the famous Thrikkakkara Temple. I love music and sing in public forums occasionally.

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  • MSc and PhD from CUSAT (1980, 1986). Fellow , Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, Canada -1999. Winner of the a�?Broad Outlook Learner Teacher Award a�? of Air India-2007.
  • After working at REC Calicut from 1986-88, moved to CUSAT in 1988. Served as the Head , Department of Mathematics, CUSAT during 2001-2004 , 2011-2012 and Hon. Director, Centre for Interdisciplinary gives useful tips Studies, CUSAT during 1999-2003. Hon. Deputy Director- Centre for Science in Society.
  • Research Interests :
  1. a) Metric graph theory a�� Convexity problems, Median and anti median of graphs and their root graphs, root graphs of graph operators, diameter variability and vulnerability etc.
  2. b) Spectra and energy of graphs both adjacency and distance , equi energetic graphs, integral graphs, spectra of split graphsA� etc.
  3. c) Power domination and game dominationA� in graphs, graph classes and graph products.
  4. d)Network topology notions in Sierpinski Graphs such as forwarding index etc.
  5. e) Social Network Analysis, Scale free Networks.
  • Presented papers and delivered talks in many national and international seminars held in India and international conferences held in Hungary, Canada, Italy, Taiwan, Czech Republic and the a�?International Congress on Mathematics Education(ICME)a�� at Mexico (2008) . a�?Indo- Taiwan Conference on Discrete Mathematicsa�� held in Taipei, Hsinchu ( 2009,2013) , a�?Euro Comb-11a�� held in Budapest ( 2011) . Member of the Indian delegation for ICME-2012 at Seoul, South Korea. Lead an Indian delegation to NTHU, Taiwan in 2013. International Congress of Mathematicians held in Spain ( 2006) , India (2010), and S.Korea (2014). Organised International Conference on Recent Trends in Graphs and Combinatorics a�� 2010 as a Satellite Conference of ICM.
  • Core team member of National Initiative on Math Education (NIME) and a�?SASTRAYAANa�� Project of Sri V D Satheesan MLA on Quality Science Education, and Cochin Olympiad of Cochin Diocese.
  • Member, Editorial Board of a�?Little Mathematics Treasures of Ramanujan Mathematical Society, Chairman: Azim Premji University a�� Ramanujan Mathematical Society joint initiative for school teachers training. Council Member, Indian Math. Society.
  • Interviewed Hon.Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (former President of India), Prof. C. R. Rao , Robert Devaney ( President of Math. Association of America) and Prof. Michel Barnsley (ANU).
  • Regional Coordinator , Indian National Mathematical Olympiad a�� INMO (NBHM ) since 1990.Mentor for the INSPIRE and SHE programmes of DST.
  • Written more than 50 popular articles on various aspects of mathematics in Malayalam and English for school children. Interacting with School / College students and Teachers is a passion.
  • ICMEA� at Hamburg, Germany in August 2016

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Curriculum vitae

Popular articles for students

  • Mathematical Induction, Science Reporter, Sept. 1987, 493-494
  • Olympiads to Scout Maths Talence, Indian Express, October 20, 1991.
  • Math Puzzles on Chess Boards, Science India , August 2003.
  • A Meeting with the Missile Man – An Interview with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Honourable President of India. Science India, November 2003.
  • An Olympiad of a different kind, Educational Plus, The Hindu , March 2004.


  • Seethu Varghese, A. Vijayakumar, On the Power Domination Number of Graph Products, In: S. Govindarajan, A. Maheshwari (Eds.), CALDAM 2016, Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci, vol. 9602, pp: 357-367, Springer (2016)
  • The T-property of some classes of graphs
  • P. Dorbec, Seethu Varghese, A. Vijayakumar, Heredity for generalized power domination, Discrete Math. Theor. Comput. Sci. 18 (3) (2016).
  • The diameter variability of product graphs,(with Chithra , M.R.), The Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing,(2016).
  • Some network topological notions of the Mycielskian of a graph (with K S Savitha) AKCE International Journal of Graphs and Combinatorics (2016)

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